Yoon Cannon Interview




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Yoon Cannon
Yoon Cannon is a highly sought after Business Growth expert and President of Paramount Business Coach.  A seasoned Entrepreneur, Yoon helps coaches, entrepreneurs and CEO’s to achieve dramatic results in your business growth.  Over the past 20 years she has started 4 other companies and sold 3 of them. Yoon learned to leverage her own WOW Factor to double her coaching practice every year and shares with other coaches how you can too. Her advice and articles have been published in ASI’s Counselor Magazine, JP Morgan Chase Ink Magazine, Business Journals as well as numerous online resources. Yoon is a frequent keynote speaker as well as featured guest expert for radio stations across the country.In our interview, Yoon will reveal:How to make $100,000+ on Linkedin:What is the biggest mistakes coaches make on Linkedin?Why do some coaches not generate new clients on Linkedin?What’s the biggest myth that gets in the way of seeing success on Linkedin?

What are some passive strategies coaches can do to attract clients on Linkedin?

What are some active strategies coaches can do to attract more clients on Linkedin?

What’s the biggest take-away you’d like our listeners to remember about how they can generate $100K+ on Linkedin?