What’s Wrong With Your Coaching Website (part 6)

What’s Wrong With Your Coaching Website- part 6

We have talked about so many things that can be fixed on your coaching website already. Such as: compelling language on your home page, optimizing keywords, free reports and autoresponders, but today we talk about something outside of your website.

Most coaches today have no social media strategy. They may have social media profiles on every site there is, but few have a strategy. I am not trying to tell you that you can blow the doors of your business with a good social media strategy, but you can make good connections, and build your online presence through social media.

We spoke about a social media strategy on our webinar “10 Things Wrong With Your Coaching Website and How to Fix Them.” I went through a basic strategy that will work for a coach that is new to social media.

The main thing to remember about social media is to have realistic goals and expectations. I see some of the gurus talking about making 6 figures from social media, but I haven’t seen a strategy that works exclusively for life coaches. There are some broad niches that it might work for, but again, don’t expect a windfall from your social media presence alone.

1.    The key to making social media work for you is to make it about relationships.


I’m not saying email each of your Facebook contacts offering to sell them your programs. This turns people off. In some instances, it can result in being removed from some social media sites. Never send people in your social media network unsolicited sales messages through that site’s email service. This violates most social media site’s rules.


Remember when MySpace was the hottest site around? Then, everyone started sending and posting sales letters, and it quickly became known as “SpamSpace.” The site is now a skeleton of what it once was.


Use the various means on each site to build relationships with people who could be a client or a JV partner. On Linkedin, you can use the groups feature to meet and converse with people who you might never meet other wise. Linkedin allows a user to be a member of 50 groups. Select groups that are in your niche, and participate in the discussions those groups have. You can even start your own group.


Google+ has a similar feature with groups, and allows you to broadcast entries to people that may not be in your network.


Try to cultivate 5 new relationships on 1 social media site over the next 90 days. This will mean starting a conversation with new people. This is a 2 way street. You cannot expect to force your views and programs down their throats and have a productive relationship.


2.    Start with one network first, and then begin with another.


Which one is best? This is a common question from our clients. The answer is, whichever one has more ideal prospects for you to market to. If your ideal prospects are on Facebook, then go to Facebook. Conversely, if they are on Linkedin, start with Linkedin.


To find out where your ideal prospects are will require some research on your part. Use Google search to find out the demographics for each site to make this decision.


For us, it has meant focusing on Linkedin first. We also use Twitter and Facebook, but to a lesser extent. We are just beginning to use Google+ in our strategy.


3.    Set aside an amount of time each week to do social media.


You can decide how much time you spend on your social media networks. Anywhere from 15 minutes a day to a few hours a week is good for a new coach to be using social media. This does not count Facebook games. I’m talking posting relevant, fresh content that appeals to your niche.


I like to use Hootsuite Pro to leverage my time on social media. The free version allows you to post to 4 social media profiles at one time. The Pro version allows unlimited posting to as many profiles and groups as you have permission to post to.


4.    Do not try to sell people in your first contact with them.


This is a cardinal rule in any networking event, either online or in person. You must build a relationship. Spam never gets you good clients.


5.    Leverage your blogs and content through social media.


Here is where HootSuite Pro comes in handy. If you write a new blog, or article, post it on your main profiles on the different sites you belong to. If you can post a snippet in the groups you belong to, do that as well.


For instance:


“Want a solid social media strategy? Link to post here


Use snippets or teasers to get their attention. You can even start discussions on your articles and see what readers tell you.


6.    Keep your social media postings consistent.


If you can only post once a week, then post once a week. Be realistic about what you can do. Posting new content everyday is very challenging. Motivational quotes are a very good method for posting consistently. If you post like crazy for several days, and then do not do anything for 6 months, it is detrimental to your social media presence.


Steady and consistent posting is the desired result. When people see you care, and are not there to sell and leave, it will build your credibility.



Some action items for coaches new to using social media:

1.    On Twitter, do 1 tweet per day, and 1 retweet of someone else’s tweet.

2.    Find groups on Linkedin that fit your target market or niche, and join them.

3.    Participate in 1 discussion a week on Linkedin.

4.    Keep your content relevant to your coaching practice. If I am a life coach, then I should not be promoting a different niche in my postings, such as life insurance.

5.    Make sure each one of your profiles is filled out and optimized. Have your keywords in your profile.


We have used this social media strategy on our site for a year now. We have gotten some new clients and a few sales from it. But, we have also increased our email list and traffic to our website, which is our ultimate goal.

If you have any questions about social media for coaches, please email me at steve@100coachingtips.com


Wishing you More Clients, More Money, and More Life!


Respectfully yours,

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Steve Davis