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From: Bart Baggett and Steve DavisTo: Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors and Experts

Dear Friend and Fellow Coach,

Join us as we interview 24 of the highest paid and most effective coaches, consultants, and mentors in the USA.

Each of our guest experts specializes in a specific niche of the coaching, training, and consulting field, or has a niche marketing strategy which can help you in your business.

The conversation you will hear is by coaches, with coaches, for coaches.

Even if you don't consider your primary income sources as a coach...this series will apply to your career.

You see, the word "coaching" has come to include all leaders, consultants, professional speakers, authors, and even niche market experts like "technical training" or even "math tutors".

While the most common use is the term "Life Coach" or "Fitness Coach" like we see on reality TV shows (which is one type of coach in this program from whom you will glean tons of value), we quickly realized the strategies, tips, and techniques contained in this program apply to authors, experts, and even high-end consultants who offer group seminars, telephone consultation, retreats, and even membership sites.

This series has so many little talked about strategies to double or triple your income...anyone who has an expertise to share will benefit by implementing just one of the over 100 tips contained inside these audio files.

What's don't have to take meticulous notes on a live call.

We've taken the time to transcribe every word and put the interviews on audio CDs and MP3 files so you can take your time listening to each expert and figure out which strategies will be the best fit for your personality, your business, and your clients.

You will learn “little known secrets” for positively affecting your clients in less time, leveraging your time and expertise, and expanding the sources of revenue in your business.

You are guaranteed to learn dozens of TIPS to improve your coaching practice.

Here are just a few questions which are revealed on this program:

checkmark What is the one sentence that closes 80% of prospective coaching clients after the initial free session? Eric Lofholm spells this out word-for-word
checkmark What exact answer to the question "What do you do?" turned Rhonda Britton's 3 person coaching practice into 20 clients in one week…. Rhonda explains this magic pill technique which launched her worldwide coaching practice.
checkmark How saying No was a key factor in attracting a highly specific niche of CEO and CFO clients who gladly pay $20,000 a year or more for his corporate leadership coaching program… Hear Rand Stagen's story.
checkmark How to double your income through group coaching… Michelle Schubnel gives her step-by-step method to get started.
checkmark Why creating a 3 Hour Audio program will net you 20x more profit than a book … Chris Widener explains it all.
checkmark How to choose a hungry niche market based on "tribe mentality" not demographic data… Rhonda Hess tells how.
checkmark How to use articles, books, and speaking to triple your revenue and still be a solo entrepreneur working from your home office - Chris Widener
checkmark The secret to building a "movement" instead of just a business while traveling the world giving clients exotic once in a lifetime experiences… Lisa Haisha reveals her business model and why it works.
checkmark How one coach turned Linked In into an extra $100,000… Yoon Cannon reveals her secrets.
checkmark How to turn your website into 6 figures of automated income… Morgana Rae pulls back the curtain for us.
checkmark How Carey Peters turned her love of "health and wellness" into a $1.7 million dollar per year part-time business… 
checkmark And dozens of other details tips...

Our teleseminar series delivers information, dense tips and strategies from coaches who are not just coaching, but doing it bigger, more effectively, and more profitable than the rest.

We have carefully selected each of these coaches and thought leaders to give you the latest information on the direction the coaching industry is headed. They are committed to sharing little known secrets you can leverage right away to improve your clients' results, improve your profit, and expand your practice.

 This program is for any coach or expert who...

checkmark Feels his/her coaching fee is too low, but don’t know how to raise it.
checkmark Has clients who won’t change, and can’t get them to break through.
checkmark Has dreamed of hosting a $15,000 per person retreat in exotic foreign locations.
checkmark Struggles to find new clients.
checkmark Has never earned more than $1 million dollars per year.
checkmark Wants to create multiple streams of income, in addition to coaching one-on-one.


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