Would You Like to Blow the Lid Off Your Monthly Income and Enjoy the Satisfaction That Comes With Truly Championing Your Ideal Clients?

When you apply the simple steps you learn in this complete learning and action system, you’ll discover the thrill when…

  • You stand out among other change agents and service providers.
  • Highly committed clients come looking for you, ready to pay your highest fees.
  • It’s finally simple to tell people what you do in a way that inspires them to engage.
  • Clients stay longer and achieve far more in your work together.
  • Products and programs are much easier to create. And they sell like crazy!
  • Your expertise, visibility, credibility and confidence soar.
  • Your competition is dramatically reduced or even eliminated.
  • Word-of-mouth news about your coaching programs spreads like wildfire.
  • You earn 2 to 10 to even 100 times more every month while investing far less time trying to find clients.

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Here’s the secret no one told you about
succeeding in your business: Knowing
you serve and
WHAT they really want is the key
to having all the clients you want, anytime you
want at fees that pay you well.

When you focus on a highly profitable niche — that special tribe of people you’re most suited to serve right now — you shift suddenly and attract clients like a magnet because… You immediately tap into a sense of inner authority that gives you confidence and an air expertise. You get in on the INSIDE of what’s important to a group of people who are hungry for the transformation you provide! They come looking for you. They send you more clients who pay well and stay longer.

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Here’s what is covered in the learning system:

  • Six ENGAGING LEARNING SESSIONS with Q&A that you can download and listen to on your favorite player anytime.
  • Six EASY-TO-READ LEARNING GUIDES to follow along with the MP3 recordings.
  • Five SIMPLE HIGH IMPACT EXERCISES to help you make decisions and take powerful actions that will have a big impact on your ability to attract clients consistently and earn more.
  • Two previously recorded HELP SESSIONS with on the spot questions and answers.
  • An ONLINE FORUM where you can comment, share your progress, your aha’s and share with other coaches.
  • An FAQ LIBRARY to answer your burning questions.

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Here is the self-study program that coaches and other
change agents are talking about that helped them go from
unknown to being in high demand.
This is the niche system that will help you…

Earn More & Market Less.
INSTANT Ideal Coaching Market

with international business mentor and Niche Success Strategist, Rhonda Hess

Here’s your opportunity to get expert advice on exactly what YOU need to do to transform your business into a cash-generating machine that compels your clients to line up for everything you offer.

In 8 bite-size sessions you’ll discover:

  • The #1 foolproof method of becoming THE top-of-mind resource in any economy.
  • A litmus test to determine which niches are viable and will bring you a steady stream of clients who pay well, stay longer and refer more clients to you constantly.
  • How to find out what your ideal clients will buy from you again and again.
  • My signature Offer-Making Formula for coaching programs your clients will buy!
  • How to leverage your natural gifts, skills and talents into more income than you ever thought you could make.
  • How to take the brakes off your success with a powerful new mindset that opens the door to more income and fun in your business than you ever imagined.
  • A clear, proven roadmap to a sustainable and soul-satisfying business.
  • Specific methods of attracting and enrolling new clients simply by connecting with them.
  • Precisely what you should do next…and next…and next…to bring your ideal clients through your door.
  • And much, much more.

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This Is the Same Profitable Method Used by the World’s Richest Coaches.

Chances are, you’ve heard stories about prosperous professionals like Ali Brown. Today she dances on a very big stage with her own lifestyle and business magazine. But she started out by focusing all her products and services on one distinct target market. She joined coaching organizations, went to coaching events and found out exactly what coaches want and will buy. After that her multi-million dollar business emerged. And she cultivated a fan base within that market that gave her the confidence, the success and the platform to step into the world in a much bigger way. So whether you feel called to step into a bright international spotlight, or simply to make a very good living serving others closer to home, finding a viable niche market for you is THE KEY to cultivating your success.

  Here’s to Your Lasting Success!

Description: Rhonda Hess
Description: Rhonda Hess, Coaching Niche Success Strategist
Rhonda Hess
Niche Success Strategist
Founder of Prosperous Coach®
P.S. Remember, attracting a steady stream
of high-paying clients who are motivated to invest in your coaching services is EASY when you follow the proven formula you’re going to learn from me.
P.P.S. Are you satisfied with your monthly income, how long your clients stay, and how easy it is to fill your high ticket programs?
No? It’s time for a proven approach. You have nothing to lose and a whole new level of business recognition and satisfaction to gain.

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