Notes From Tracy Repchuk’s Interview

Tracy Repchuk

July 19, 2012

“The 5 Steps to Business Reinvention”


1.      You  must have a web presence.

Strategies are changing and the internet will not go away.

Use an RSS Feed to grab content for your site.

You must keep putting fresh content on the web.

Google will ignore you if you don’t

Your site must now be mobile compatible. 86% of people search on smart phones.


2.     Your site must be able to answer the client’s questions.

This is overwhelming to many people today.

Many coaches are overwhelmed by the necessary technology and just do things half-way.

In the old days it was cold-calling, mailers, etc. but now it’s done on the internet.

We can now sell while we sleep.

We can also deliver content while we sleep, so we don’t have to spend 40 minutes with each prospect.


3.     We can now directly market to our target market.

To properly leverage social media, you must have a plan.

Your prospects are on social media sites, you must find out which ones.

You must engage people on social media.

Use Blogspot feeds to go to social media and then make it an article and post it to

Use Twitter to drive people to your site.

Sample schedule of Tracy’s:

Monday- write 5 blogs

Tuesday- Use Buffer Apps for Twitter

Wednesday- Facebook

You must be adding strategies and sharing  with your community.


Question: from Texas- How do I keep from forgetting to update and do regular posting on social media?

Tracy prefers, it is a posting site for integrating Facebook and Twitter. You can schedule your posts to go out throughout the week or month without having to do it manually.

Also, Hoot Suite is another good program to leverage time in posting content to social media.


4.      You must build an online data base.

Have a landing page for your site.

Also, have an optin for gathering your prospect’s information.

Programs like Aweber or iContact are excellent for just starting out with this.


The only way to turn this recession around is on the backs of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.


5.     You cannot ignore the web and expect to stay open.

Question for Wendy in Ontario: Is WordPress necessary?

Yes, it’s instantly picked up by Google and has RSS feed capability.

Other benefits are instant affiliates, automatic seo, and widgets.


6.     5 Steps to Business Reinvention

  • Know your market- who is your ideal client? What keywords do you need to use? Where do they hang out on social media?
  • Develop a unique brand.
  • Monetize your business
  • Focus on an Internet Domination Strategy- use mobile marketing, landing page, blogs, and social media.
  • Dominate your market


7.     Get Google Analytics on your website.

It’s free

You can find out and track which keywords they are using to find you.

You have to look at it, you cannot just set it up and never look at it.


8.     You have to become your own marketing director.

Bad marketing ideas:

  • Thinking you can avoid the internet.
  • Not getting your internet strategies together.

People in the carpet industry are letting their businesses die by ignoring the internet. There are new carpet stores that are putting up the websites with videos and articles that explain carpet and they are thriving while some of the old Mom and Pop stores that have been open for decades are on the ropes.


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About Tracy:


The #1 Woman Speaker in the World for Internet Marketing

Tracy is an international speaker and motivator, Recurring Riches for Life Coach, best selling author and award winning entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and consultant.

Her #1 bestseller 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles serves as the ultimate
reference guide to businesses around the globe who want to turn their passion into profits and accelerate business results.

Tracy catapulted onto the internet marketing scene when in her first 6 months she won New Internet Marketing Success of the Year, wrote and launched a bestseller in 58 days, and made 6 figures with no database list, no contacts and no idea what she was doing. Since then she has traveled to over 22 countries appearing on stages around the world and being deemed the #1 Woman Speaker in the World for Internet Marketing, covering specialties such as Business/Entrepreneur Reinvention, Speaker Training, Author Training, Membership Sites and Internet Marketing. In addition to appearing in many published books, motivational movies and numerous award nominations for business.