During 2012, we had the privelege of interviewing Sam Carpenter. Sam Carpenter is the author of Work the System. This is probably the most important free coaching resource for new coaches. Sam has provided a way that will help you systematize any business, even a coaching practice. He does this by breaking each specific process, not just giving a bunch of big, general ideas.

You may be wondering why a book on systematizing your coaching practice is listed as a free coaching resource, but it is a fundamental step in any successful practice. I wish someone had given me this when I started coaching. As a free coaching resource or a paid coaching resource, it would have taken years off my learning curve.

There are many books on the market today that tell you to set up systems for your business. But, I have not seen a book that goes into as much detail as Sam’s book does. What’s even better, the book is easy to read. It’s designed to be read by the everyday coach, and not just the PhD holder who likes multiple theories compared and contrasted and explained in depth.

When you are first starting your coaching practice, getting the systems in place will be the most important thing. Once the systems are in place, you can start working on your coaching business. You are only creating revenue when you are coaching or selling coaching products. Balancing the books, and shipping orders is important, but does not create revenue for you.

Sam shows you how to prioritize each task before breaking it down in depth. He also explains how to determine which processes are not necessary, so you can streamline your coaching practice.

Sam has made his book Work the System available for free in pdf format. Click below to get this free coaching resource.


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