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We seek to provide you with the best free coaching resources at 100 Coaching Tips. Our mission is to help life coaches serve more people and make more money. Part of this is done by giving our members free coaching resources that they can use immediately to begin getting more clients.

This is a webinar led by our Co-Founder Steve Davis.

In this webinar, Steve covers the top 10 things we see wrong on coaching websites today. These are 10 actual things we find wrong on our client’s websites. Many coaches are leaving money on the table by not utilizing these simple steps. If you have a coaching website, or thinking of starting one, this interactive webinar will be a valuable free coaching resource that will help you take time off of your learning curve.

Covered in this content packed webinar:

* The 1 thing you must keep in mind when designing your coaching website

What elements do you need on your homepage to ensure conversions?

* How long should your bio be on your site?

* What is the easiest way to do graphic editing for free on your coaching website?

* What must you never put on your website?

* Why people don’t buy your coaching packages

* What must you do at least weekly, in addition to your website

* What is an effective strategy for social media that works for the long term?


Don’t forget to download and print the pdf handout before watching this webinar.


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