Sometimes the best free coaching resources are books that are written as a project by your clients and followers. This can give an entire new perspective on a subject. Seth Godin has just such a book.

seth godin

Seth wrote the book Tribes, which was a best seller, and revolutionized the way coaches look at serving their niches. If you have not read Tribes yet, I highly recommend taking the time to read it. If you are having some difficulty in refining your niche, this could be the book that solves the problem for you.


About a year after Tribes was published, Seth asked his readers and clients to write about their own Tribes experiences. He compiled it and called it The Tribes Casebook. It is the type of book that you should read through once, and then go back through and see what you can implement in your coaching practice.


Click here to download The Tribes Casebook


The Tribes Casebook can give you ideas on ways to refine how your serve your Tribe. I have utilized 2 ideas that I found in this book. I enjoyed the short chapter format in which this book was layed out in. It is also the type of book that each person will probably get something different from. It also has ideas for other fields, not just coaching. Business, teaching in schools, and some ideas for charity work are contained in the pages of this ebook. At 240 pages, it’s not a monumental reading task.


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