There are many people who are proclaiming to be book writing experts. We are not questioning anyone’s authority or expert status. However, if you have looked around for a program or coach to help you write and publish your book, you will find that there are almost as many programs and coaches as there are books in the first place. So, where does that leave you?


Just a little bit of free coaching from me: find a reputable expert that has a proven track record. If you think you are compatible with that expert’s coaching and teaching style, see if you are a fit for that program. You may have to look at more than one coach or program to find the right fit. The important thing is do not rush or try to force a situation. You want to make sure everything lines up right before taking action.


To help you in the decision making process, we are letting you access an interview we did with Rick Frishman. He is probably the best known person in the literary world that you have never heard of. Not only is Rick an author, but he is also a publisher. In 2012, he published over 200 books, both non-fiction and fiction genres.


He is also the founder of Author 101. He is all about helping new authors get their books written and published. Rick also has many free resources for authors and those in the coaching industry. You may access these free coaching resources and view his website at


You probably do not know that he published 2 of the most recognized names in the coaching industry: Brendon Burchard and Tim Ferriss. Rick tells the story of these 2 well known authors, as well as gives very practical advice for you to get your book written and published, even if you have no clue where to start.




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