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It has long been said that the secret weapon of coaches to get new clients is public speaking. Everybody has heard this, but so what? How can I use this to get new prospects and clients? Who wants to hear a talk about coaching, and how can I utilize this to grow my coaching practice?


We had the privelege of interviewing James Malinchak, and include this as a bonus interview in our Season 1 Gold Download Package. In case you haven’t heard of James Malinchak, he is probably one of the best speakers in the coaching industry.

james malinchak

James Malinchak earns over $15,000-100,000 per client for his private coaching. He is most recognized for his appearance on ABC’s Secret Millionaire.  His first big success was speaking on the college circuit in his 2?s… then he turned to teaching speakers and coaches how to tap into the college speaking market.


Now, his seminars are packed from experts, coaches, authors, and speakers from around the world to discover his speaking, marketing, and branding secrets to triple their revenue and influence.He will share why most life coaches struggle financially, and what to do about it.

1. What is the one thing that most coaches are doing wrong?
2. What should a new coach be focused on?
3. How can a coach utilize public speaking to generate business?

4. Why all coaches should be a speaker either locally, on the internet and how it can triple your reach.
Listen to or download the interview here:

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