Do you own your online brand?


This question came to mind recently when I was on a call with Bart Baggett’s Marketing Mastermind.

Barts Mastermind programs

Bart, our Co-Founder, was interviewing Michelle Villalobos, an excellent branding and marketing strategist.

It is always great to hear a speaker bring a fundamental point out in a new way. Not only for my own coaching business, but in general.

How does one go about establishing their brand online, or offline for that matter?  Sure, there are thousands of books, articles, and blogs on the subject, but has anyone ever seen the results these experts promised?

What are the steps to do this, and how long does it take?

All of these questions and more are racing through my mind during the interview. There has to be a simpler way to accomplish this seemingly monumental task.

About midway through the interview, Michelle mentioned Googleicious ( , which is her own program that is free right now. 


I have read her report and I have to say several things:

1. This is an excellent report.

2. I have some work to do.

3. Michelle has broken it down in a practical way that is achievable.

Although I did know some of the steps in the information guide, there were also plenty of things that I had no idea of. She also shows how to “test” your online brand to see where it comes up at on the overall scheme of search engine results.

I know as a coach that we are often deluged with things to do, projects that just won’t wait, and other minutiae that drains our energy and leaves us dejected and worn out at the end of the day. But, I would strongly recommend that you download her free report and look through it.

Just a few of the simple steps in the guide can put you ahead of the pack of life coaches that are struggling to be found. If you complete all of the steps, you will be at the top of the heap, king of the mountain, and any other metaphor you can think of.

Take the time and go through her report. I guarantee that you will find it enlightening.

Click here to Download Googleicious and own your brand