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Chris Weaver – CEO Coach   The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend
Chris Weaver is an Austin, TX based entrepreneur, inventor, writer and business coach to CEOs and entrepreneurs.


Chris been a founder or a key contributor to more than seven high-tech start-ups. In the late 1990s, Chris joined colleagues as officially the 2nd employee and designed software and systems that turned the video-conferencing industry on its head, dethroned all the 300 pound gorillas while making millions in the process.


After a several years playing with toys and enjoying the fruits of his hard-earned money, Chris went back to business school and analyzed the successes and failures of over 300 business case studies.


During and after business school, Chris created a process which he uses to guide his CEO clients through the process of dissecting, analyzing, and re-tool their existing businesses to improve efficiency, profit, and quality of life for the CEO / owner.


Chris’s specialty is working with CEOs of entrepreneurial, product-oriented companies with revenues between $8 – $15 million with established revenue streams and historical data that can be analyzed.


Because Chris is also an inventor with two patents to his name and several more pending, he is also a valuable resource for up-and-coming inventors and individuals with are learning how to navigate the intellectual property waters.
Bart will ask Chris the following questions:
How do you get an overwhelmed entrepreneur “unstuck” and excited again about his business?
How do you force “systems” into a mature business that had none?
What is the Wealth Dynamics quiz and why is it important for you to understand the client’s “Entrepreneurial style?”
Why did you add handwriting analysis to your “coach’s tool-belt” of skills?
What is the #1 change you “force” onto your clients to give them peace of mind and happiness back into their life.
Why is the spreadsheet and statistics such an important piece of turning around a business?
And, much much more.


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