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James Malinchak will be hosting his Big Money Speaker Bootcamp again in April. You don’t want to miss this event! James has also alloted us a certain number of tickets so that 100 Coaching Tips members can attend for the incredibly low price of $97!

If you missed the interview the first time, catch it now. Or, if you were on the call live, listen again. James is one of the best speakers and coaches in the business today.

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James Malinchak
One of America’s Highest Paid Speakers and Star of Secret Millionaire!

• Why you have to increase your price and one sure-fire way to change your mindset about money.

• How high end coaching programs serve both you and your clients.

• How to break free from the hours for dollars fee structure.

• Why you must start speaking in any one of the 3 forms of speaking (James tells you all three and 2 of them you do NOT have to leave your home town)

• How to get a $2997 ticket to the next Big Money Speaker Event for the cost of three lunches. (Practically Free.) Visit here for details.

“Hi! This is Bill Glazer. I am President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle and I wanted to just spend a minute or two and tell you about James Malinchak.You know the thing about James Malinchak that I really like about him is not only is he a great coach in teaching people how to get into the professional speaking business but James Malinchak recently won our 2008-2009 Marketer of the Year Award.And the reason why he won that is not because he can be a great speaking coach but he is so well rounded that he can really help and coach entrepreneurs in any walk of life on how to really grow their businesses. So he is fully dimensional and really if you seek him out and work with him you’ve made a great pick.”- Bill Glazer[divider_title title=”Replay Available” heading=h4]  How to get a $2997 ticket to the next Big Money Speaker Event for the cost of three lunches. (Practically Free.) Visit here for details.

[image style=shadow][/image]James Malinchak
James Malinchak earns over $15,000-100,000 per client for his private coaching. He is most recognized for his appearance on ABC’s Secret Millionaire.  His first big success was speaking on the college circuit in his 2’s… then he turned to teaching speakers and coaches how to tap into the college speaking market. Now, his seminars are packed from experts, coaches, authors, and speakers from around the world to discover his speaking, marketing, and branding secrets to triple their revenue and influence.He will share why most life coaches struggle financially, and what to do about it.1. What is the one thing that most coaches are doing wrong?
2. What should a new coach be focused on?
3. How can a coach utilize public speaking to generate business?4. Why all coaches should be a speaker either locally, on the internet and how it can triple your reach.

John Assaraf Interview



[image style=shadow][/image]John Assaraf 
John Assaraf is a 2 time NY Times Best Selling author and featured presenter in The Secret. Overcoming a challenging childhood, John went on to build a real estate office from zero to $5 billion in sales. Using the same principles, John has started 4 more multimillion dollar companies. He is also one of the premier scholars on neural reconditioning, the science of changing your thoughts and habits to get the life you want. John has also developed coaching programs for coaches worldwide.John will cover:

1. What is keeping people from living the life they want?

2. How can I smash the glass ceiling on my income?

3. What is the Law of GOYA?

4. Why does most goal setting fail?

5. How do I get unstuck?

John has agreed to 3 hot seats for 10 minutes each after his interview with members who are on the call.




Bart Bagget and Steve Davis live Q&A with listeners


[image style=shadow][/image][br]Bart Baggett
 Bart Baggett and Steve Davis did a live Q&A on this call. Due to the scheduled speaker having a sudden emergency come up, we decided to take live callers on this special call. Bart and Steve are the founders of 100 Coaching Tips. Bart Baggett is the founder of Handwriting University and a certified NLP practitioner and hypnotist. He is also an Expert Forensic Document Examiner. Steve Davis is a business owner and entrepreneur and business coach. Steve has built 4 different companies from start up to up to 50 employees. Being an entrepreneur for the last 18 years gives him a different perspective on business coaching.In this call:

1. What is a simple way to leverage social media for your coaching practice?

2. How can something like Hypnosis or Handwriting Analysis open doors for you in speaking engagements?

3. How can NLP certification set your coaching practice apart?

4. How to generate your own content easily and effortlessly.

5. The finer points of being a guest on a TV show or in a video seminar.




Sharla Jacobs Interview




[image style=shadow][/image]Sharla Jacobs
Sharla Jacobs, with her husband Jesse Koren have been proclaimed as, “The Leading Authorities in Holistic Business Training.”After struggling to build their own practices and then figuring out a heart-based method for attracting tons of clients, they have taught over 10,000 Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and other Heart-based Entrepreneurs how to increase their business success.They have supported hundreds of third-world entrepreneurs through sales of their book, “Sell is Not a 4-Letter Word: How to Serve More Clients and Create a 6-Figure Practice.”After going from zero to $175,000 in their first year of Rejuvenate Training, they have now given over 4 million dollars of scholarships to Holistic Practitioners and Coaches who are ready to attract more clients and earn 6-figures and beyond in their business.Sharla will cover:

  • The #1 Secret to Getting Your Phone to Ring
  • How to Avoid Giving Free Consultations to the “Wrong People (those who will never sign up      with you)
  • The Key to Turning Your Free Consultations Into Paying Clients
  • The Proven 5-Step System to Get You 5 (or more) Clients by the End of      This Month (and any month of the year)

Sharla also has a special gift for 100 Coaching Tips listeners, so be sure to tune in!



Rhonda Britten LIVE Q & A Interview




[image style=shadow]

Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten has devoted her life to one thing: to teach people how to master fear. No matter if that’s a fear of rejection or loss; fear of failure or success; fear of abandonment or pain, Rhonda has created a method for anyone anywhere to master the invisible, insidious fear we all have of ‘not being good enough.’ What she teaches is what she’s lived.After witnessing the horrific murder-suicide of her parents at the tender age of 14, Rhonda went into a twenty-year spiral of self-doubt, blame and addiction. When she woke up very much alive after her third suicide attempt, she knew she had to find another way. What she discovered is a pathway to freedom that cuts through false beliefs, negative thoughts and the silent, secret fears every human being carries. Her simple yet life-altering method is called Fearless Living.An Emmy-Award winner and repeat Oprah guest, Rhonda was the first Life Coach on reality television in the world on the first-show of its kind, Help Me Rhonda. Next, Rhonda changed lives on the hit NBC reality show Starting Over and named its “most valuable player” by The New York Times and heralded as “America’s Favorite Life Coach” by TV Guide. To date, Rhonda has altered lives in over 600 episodes of reality television in more than 25 countries and impacted millions worldwide.Rhonda Britten “America’s Life Coach” will be interviewed live on 100 Coaching Tips tele-conference by Host Extraordinaire Bart Baggett. Rhonda is just getting back from doing a TED Talk and is taking time out of her busy schedule to be on our call.Rhonda is “America’s Life Coach” and has over 600 hours of reality TV as a life coach under her belt.  Oh, did I mention she also has a EMMY for her life coaching skills. She has so many powerful ideas to share that can transform your coaching practice… and the lives of your clients.And best of all, Rhonda is going to answer all of your questions LIVE! We had questions that Rhonda didn’t get to answer last time, so she is coming back to answer all of the questions. Are you struggling with your coaching practice? Just ask Rhonda. What do I need to price my services at? Just ask Rhonda. How do I know it’s time to raise my prices? Just ask Rhonda.1. No question is off limits2. She can personally help you transform your practice3. Afraid to start coaching because you don’t have your own curriculum?4. How can I get my coaching practice “unstuck”?

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Chris Weaver – CEO Entreprenuer Coach


[image style=shadow]
[/image]Chris Weaver
Chris Weaver – CEO Coach   The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend
Chris Weaver is an Austin, TX based entrepreneur, inventor, writer and business coach to CEOs and entrepreneurs.


Chris been a founder or a key contributor to more than seven high-tech start-ups. In the late 1990s, Chris joined colleagues as officially the 2nd employee and designed software and systems that turned the video-conferencing industry on its head, dethroned all the 300 pound gorillas while making millions in the process.


After a several years playing with toys and enjoying the fruits of his hard-earned money, Chris went back to business school and analyzed the successes and failures of over 300 business case studies.


During and after business school, Chris created a process which he uses to guide his CEO clients through the process of dissecting, analyzing, and re-tool their existing businesses to improve efficiency, profit, and quality of life for the CEO / owner.


Chris’s specialty is working with CEOs of entrepreneurial, product-oriented companies with revenues between $8 – $15 million with established revenue streams and historical data that can be analyzed.


Because Chris is also an inventor with two patents to his name and several more pending, he is also a valuable resource for up-and-coming inventors and individuals with are learning how to navigate the intellectual property waters.
Bart will ask Chris the following questions:
How do you get an overwhelmed entrepreneur “unstuck” and excited again about his business?
How do you force “systems” into a mature business that had none?
What is the Wealth Dynamics quiz and why is it important for you to understand the client’s “Entrepreneurial style?”
Why did you add handwriting analysis to your “coach’s tool-belt” of skills?
What is the #1 change you “force” onto your clients to give them peace of mind and happiness back into their life.
Why is the spreadsheet and statistics such an important piece of turning around a business?
And, much much more.


Get some of Chris’ recommended resources at


Tracy Repchuk Interview


[image style=shadow][/image]
Tracy Repchuk
Tracy will reveal how to automate income from additional revenue streams 24 hours a day, use social media to attract more clients, and incorporate the internet into every aspect of your business… so you have more freedom.We’re going to cover the following…

  • What is the biggest issue with businesses right now?
  • What are the 5 Steps to Business Re-invention?
  • How can I make the most of my web presence?
  • How do I use social media to build my coaching business?
  • Where do I start if I am cash strapped?


Full Transcript of
this interview and all 24 interviews available here.

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Morgana Rae Interview



[image style=shadow][/image]Morgana Rae
Morgana Rae is an internationally acclaimed life coach, author, and professional speaker, and is regarded to be the world’s top relationship with money coach. Morgana’s groundbreaking program for attracting wealth has featured her in Personal Excellence Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, United Press International and The Wall Street Journal online. She wrote the “Life Magic” column for a national women’s magazine, and she’s been a featured expert alongside Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, John Assaraf and T Harv Eker. Morgana’s Financial Alchemy books, CDs, magazine articles, and classes have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Morgana writes, speaks, and coaches from a desire to empower idealistic entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and artists to have a big impact in the world… and to heal the rift between heart, spirit, and money.

Morgana will be pulling back the curtain for the first time and letting us know her  “Multiple 6-Figure Client Magnet Formula”

1. Become known as the expert in your niche.

2. Get you a global following of raving fans.

3. Help you help more people.

4. Let you choose how many or how few clients you want.

5. Encourage clients to convince you why you should let them hire you.

6. Allow you to accept ONLY ideal clients who WANT to pay you a lot of money.




Melanie Benson Strick Interview




[image style=shadow][/image]Melanie Benson Strick
Melanie Benson Strick is America’s Leading Authority on Optimum Performance, Melanie is a Success Catalyst for entrepreneurs across the globe. Her ability to liberate high-achieving entrepreneurs has for them, made living their dream life a distinct possibility. Melanie built her own coaching practice from nothing to 6 figures in 9 months. Then, in less than 3 years, she broke the 7 figure level! 

Melanie will talk about:

1. What is the wrong problem that coaches are fixated on?

2. How does someone know if the idea they have for their coaching practice is the right one?

3. What if a coach has many ideas for their practice?

4. What are the 3 things we must do differently for our coaching practices to thrive?5. Many coaches have been hit hard by this economy. What would you say to coaches in that space?


Click here for Melanie’s Free Gift to all 100 Coaching Tips Listeners




Carey Peters Interview




[image style=shadow][/image]Carey Peters
Carey PetersCo-Founder of Carey coaches health professionals in all areas of holistic healing. Her coaching program earned over $1.7 million last year. She will share with you all the details of how she did it, and how you can too.

Carey will answer the following:

1. Why your coaching practice is not operating at the level you want.

2. What simple steps can you do right now to turn your practice around.

3. How to create quantum growth in the size of your coaching practice.

4. How to determine if your passion can be turned into a profitable coaching niche.

5. Steps to take with your practice regardless of where you are now.